An enthusiastic and passionate facilitator towards more agility.


Having worked myself as team member in traditionally managed projects (i.e. command and control and big up-front planning) I experienced the level of disengagement this brings to teams, making me a strong believer in approaches bringing more agility.

Teams become high-performing when working in a psychological safe environment and when they are truly engaged. I support them to get there.
Acting as a guide, facilitation, coaching, training and mentoring are my main instruments to enable leaders and teams to continuously improve their practices using an empirical processes control cycle of transparency, inspection and adaptation; i.e. the agile way.

A few examples of what I can do:
– Reboot an agile implementation which is stalling
– Facilitate product visioning, planning, retrospectives and other workshops
– Guide teams through agile practice experiments
– Perform an assessment for agile readiness
– Give training and workshops in agile practices

Specialized in transforming from traditional project management (e.g. PRINCE2®) towards agile initiatives.

My objectives?
Help others grow. Be it as a trainer, a Scrum Master or Agile Coach.
Having seen numerous companies struggle with projects it is more than time to assist those towards improved ways of working
– in which the customer and the product team play the central role and collaborate closely
– where managers are no longer template-filling-robots, but where they become true leaders supporting both the customer and product teams to achieve extraordinary results
– where processes, tools and techniques are not the goal itself, but only a means towards the final goal.
Finding these improved ways of working with the team.

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My tool-backpack to be used at the proper moment?
Scrum, LeSS, PRINCE2Agile, AgilePM, ADKAR, Innovation Games, Liberating Structures, Fish!, Management 3.0, Open Space Agility, …